A community-driven productivity summer camp
Remember jumping out of bed in the morning to run outside to play with your friends? Online Coliving is just like that, but your friends are now around the globe, and the games you play make the world spin faster.
Spend one week connecting, exchanging resources, and bringing ideas to life with 14 selected entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
Join an online tribe of people who
Think that great ideas are born in crisis
Are ready to share their knowledge
Have a project they are working on or think it's the right time to start a new one.
Believe that other people are extraordinary sources of inspiration, opportunities, and personal growth.
For one week, you will "live together" with 14 handpicked peers from different backgrounds. We meet twice a day at events in our "living room," also known as a group video call. The event schedule is based on proven project management tools and personal growth techniques. All meetings are guided by facilitators.
100% virtual
Accessible through any smartphone or computer with an internet connection.
7 days
The next batch kicks off on Saturday, June 6. Application deadline is 06/01
14 people
Smaller groups for deeper connections and safer social environment
2-3 hours
Event time per day along with additional productivity tools and mindfulness practices.
This online summer camp for adults helps you
Connect with friends at daily meetups without leaving your home
Get a different perspective on opportunities
Acquire first-hand knowledge and new skills while bringing ideas to life
Practice soft skills via self-presentation, goalsetting, and more.
Find inspiration in the mutual interest and support you didn't know you needed.
Develop a productive framework for a remote work-life balance
The perfect online getaway if you are a
Digital nomad
who got stuck in quarantine and wants to spend their time fruitfully
Business owner
who feels it's time to act but keeps procrastinating
Former employee
who got laid off and has the chance to change their life but needs a push
Working from home
experiencing a drastic lifestyle change and feeling like your quality of life has dropped
Anxious professional
in search of work-life balance who is constantly sucked into social media and internet distractions
Dreamer and doer
looking for a community of like-minded passion-driven mavericks who see unlimited opportunities in teaming up
Your home based-adventure begins
Next session: June 20 – 26
Each day is a wholesome combination of four
active, productive, social, and insightful events.
Opening, June 6
6 pm - Opening, informal facilitated networking
6.30 pm - How does this all work
7 pm - "Dragon dreaming" technique introduction and practice
7.30 pm - Check in around the fire
Example of one day
8.30 am - Live guided meditation to help you start your day with insight
9 am - Mastermind group
10 am - Optional co-working session in pairs with a fellow coliver
6 pm - "10 ways I fight procrastination" workshop from one of your peers
Stay focused on what's really important.
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What will my days be like?
Since 2016, our facilitated events have forged hundreds of long-term connections and helped people move their projects forward
Feedback from past participants
(and current members of our community)
Co-founder of ziferblat.net
"...after morning meditation, I sat down and worked like everyone else, as we all had something we were building remotely, and you could easily get that "coworking" feeling. If you were feeling stuck with your work or needed another perspective on something, there was always someone to ask. Every day, we had insightful workshops. Nikita and Anastasia, the founders, carefully select coliving members so that everyone has something to equally learn and share."
Javier Hernandez
Mechanical engineer and product designer
"I'm interested in innovation. I'm dreaming of creating my own company that will make products to improve society and provide autonomous solutions for daily life, and I believe that community is something that will help me achieve those goals. I have participated in three sessions of their physical retreats and see the project as a perfect place to meet talented people from different fields. Sharing that kind of firsthand experience is valuable and hard to find."
How to join the project
and what if you're not happy with what you are sign up for
We manually process every application to find people who are a great fit for each session.
Meet us in a video interview
Get connected and ask questions during a 20-minute video-call with one of the founders to see if we're a match.
Community-driven approach
Our mission is to forge a supportive and active community
Hassle-free return policy
If you're not happy with your experience, you don't owe anything.
Coliving is a form of housing in which residents share living spaces and, most crucially, values and goals. The modern coliving culture has its roots in Silicon Valley, where companies like Microsoft, Apple, and hundreds of others were born.
Why did we choose to use the oxymoron "Online Coliving"? Because the main value of coliving is access to community. We cracked the code of how to catalyze camaraderie and how to facilitate collaborative social networking in our offline locations. Now we're taking this experience online.
Online Coliving is created by the founders of Smena Station and InChange Project Camp
Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, travelers, and simply amazing people have attended our events
Years since we founded first offline coliving location and started building our patented event framework
Coliving locations around the world in Portugal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malta, Russia, Georgia, and Indonesia
Your next seven day session is facilitated by the founders of Online Coliving
Founder of Smena Station, ByeByeBadBoss and aWe Community Marketing Agency.
After getting a master's degree in international space law, Nikita decided to pivot and pursue his dream of traveling and exploring the world through people and communities. He's founded several communities of his own, and he audits and consults for other projects and companies on how to turn followers into active participants and strangers into peers through facilitation and empowerment.
Founder of InChange Project Camp and Holidayorbs.com, CPO at aWe.
Anastasia runs a family retail business on two continents and knows all about how to develop a product that will find its way into people's hearts. She is passionate about millinery design and volunteers at a charity in Sri Lanka where she empowers single mothers to start local businesses in hat making and indigenous crafts. Anastasia has a degree in psychology.
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